Gordons Guitars
My name is Gordon Pritchard and I build Classical and
Flamenco acoustic guitars.
I also repair all stringed musical instruments and restring Violin,
Viola and Bass bows.

I moved to the United States Virgin Islands in 1989 then back to
the U.S. in 2016 to a great town called Homosassa on Florida's
gulf coast.

I built my first guitar after getting back into playing. It was
about a 20 year gap since I last played. It took a while for me to
determine the style I was most interested in but finally I
decided on Classical. I played Cello through Junior High and
High School so was more oriented to classical. I still have a
Cello and pick it up from time to time.

Then I started to take lessons from a very talented artist
named Steve Katz. He's great and inspired me further. I was
happy with my "store bought" guitar until I started to learn  
what to look for.

1) Ease of playing
2) Quality of appointments and materials.
3) Distinctive and quality sound (primary importance).
4) Visual appeal.

The prices for a well made classical guitar spurred me on to build
I built a Brazilian rosewood classical guitar for Steve Katz which
he recorded his entire new album, 500 years, on.
That thrilled me to no end because he is such a perfectionist and
was impressed with the sound.
I developed my own top bracing pattern which really performed
well as can be heard on Steve’s album.
So, I build, play(just for myself), have bad gas(guitar acquisition
syndrome) , and repair.
Member of the Guild
Of      American Luthiers
Cocobolo OM, Italian Spruce top
Cocobolo OM, Italian Spruce top
Martin 000 style Brazillian Rosewood. I
have yet to take the finished photo's
but will soon or forward them at your