o            50mm to 52mm at the nut
o            650mm, 655mm adn 660mm scale length
o            Indian Rosewood or Cypress (flamenco) Back and Sides
o            Western Red Cedar, Engleman, or European Spruce Top
o            Neck-Spanish Cedar or Mahogany  
o            Ebony Fretboard
o            Wood bindings
o            Schaller Tuners
o            Water-Based Lacquer,  French Polish (Extra
charges apply for French Polish, see below)

Steel String
Currently offering Dreadnought, OM,  000,
o            Indian Rosewood, Walnut, Maple back and sides
o            Western Red Cedar, Engleman, or European Spruce Top         
o             Neck- Mahogany
o            Ebony Fretboard
o            Wood Bindings
o            Schaller Tuners
o            Water-Based Lacquer, Oil finish or French Polish (Extra
charges apply for French Polish, see below)
Pricing - All models start at $2250.
There is a $500 deposit required to begin work. Once work has
begun on the guitar this deposit becomes non-refundable.
Each instrument comes with a full seven day money back guarantee
provided the instrument is returned in it's original condition.
Every one of my guitars are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. This is
good only for the original purchaser and includes any structural
defect. It excludes normal wear and tear, such as scratches and
dings and obvious abuse. Failure to adhere to proper maintenance,
such as keeping the instrument in a humidity controlled environment
and in a case when it's not in use will render the warranty null and
void. A full list of proper care and maintenance procedures will be
included with every purchase.

Upgrades include:
o            Cutaway - $250
o            Pickup- Inquire            
o            Higher end tuners (inquire)
o            French Polish - $250(top only), $500.00(top, back and sides)
o            Brazilian Rosewood Back and Sides (inquire)
o            Other woods not listed (inquire)
o            Custom Inlays - minimum $100, please inquire with a specific design

I can customize your instrument to suit your needs
and make it truly unique to you. If you have a
special request,simply let me know and we can
discuss it.

In addition to building custom guitars, I offer repair work on a limited basis.

Refinish -
French Polish guitar top - $200
French Polish top, back, and sides - $400

Rebuild Nut -
Guitar - $45
Mandolin - $45

Rebuild Saddle -
Guitar - $45

ReFret -
Guitar - $200
Guitar w/bound fingerboard- $250.00
Mandolin - $150

All Other Repairs -
My rate is $60 an hour. Payment is due
upon completion of repairs. Parts are at
my cost plus shipping. All repairs are
warranted for one year.
For Sale

Dieter Hopf Classical w/ hard case

Lark in the Morning Tenor Guitar w/
hard case
Guitars for sale as of  7/5/2017
Contact for details and prices

2) An OM full body Brazilian Rosewood back and sides with an Adirondack Spruce top.
Just email me for photo's and details. I have recordings of them also. For a couple of photo's look at the home page.