Below are some photos of repairs I have done.
This a Ramirez 1a that was
sorely abused.
The top had to be replaced because
somehow Rose Oil was poured inside
of the body
You can see how the top soaked
up the oil. It sounded as if played
underwater. Totally ruined.
Cleaning up the interior was tough. The
kerfing had to be replaced. It was
saturated with oil and no adhesive
would stick.
Next, a new Master Cedar Top was fitted
and the original binding was luckily
preserved. A real trick!.
Here is the original top and the replacement top to be installed.
Top installed
The only problem encountered with the top was on the sides of the upper bout. When checking the neck angle I
had to push the neck upward to achieve the proper neck angle. In doing so the sides of the upper bout bulged out
and the gap had to be filled. The overall result was worth it though.
Here's a mp3 after the top replacement.
Sounds pretty good if I do say so myself!
Someone replaced the bridge on this 1962 Martin  0-18 with an over
sized replacement. Unfortunately they positioned it wrong and the
intonation was off.
The bridge had to be removed
Luckily he still had the old bridge and it was fine. Why it was
replaced is a mystery because he took it in to have the neck re-set
and frets replaced and nothing was said about the bridge until he
went to pick it up!
A Vacuum  Pump is the best way to attach a
new bridge. No gaps and tight.
Below is an interesting one. Someone replaced the bridge
and the intonation was off on a 1962 0-18 Martin.
Didn't get any after photo's but when
completed and strung up the
intonation was right on and the sound