Here are some links you might find interesting A site with some very useful items for
guitar construction. Kurt Schindler,a friend  of
mine and a great local talent.
Steve Katz Brazilian Classical that I built
for him-sound clip 1
Katz, a terrific guitarist and
One microphone and no mastering. This is
what they sound like close miked. - This is a link with listings for
Luthiers, guitar repair, luthier supplies and schools and
educational websites. You should check it out!!
Steve Katz Brazilian Classical
Steve Katz Brazilian Classical
Quality Instruments, Specialist Equipment, Strings & Repairs. Master Luthier
Hank Levin offers a variety of special instruments and equipment.
Hank is also the inventor of
a great glue pot. Check it
out at his website!
started to provide high quality concert instruments to guitarists of all