Here are some photos of the building -construction process.
Myrtle back and top prior to carving braces
Front plate after braces carved
Rosette after installation
Gluing on back braces
Neck after shaping
Bending the sides
Gluing on top plate. A solid piece of 3/4"
plywood is placed on top of the sides then
Gluing up bottom plate. I still
find the "spools" the easiest
cocobolo back plate just glued up
Cocobolo back ready for finish. Be sure to click
and enlarge this picture. I don't know if I've
ever seen a more beautiful piece of wood!
More construction photos-click here
000-12 Top plate after braces carved
Construction Process
My New Bracing-Classical Pattern
Remember, you can click on
the pictures to enlarge!
My basic bracing style is a modified seven fan strut with a cross grain brace under the bridge saddle.  Typically I use an open bar approach
to transfer some vibration toward the upper bout. I get a very even and balanced sound from this style which utilizes the best of a traditional
bracing style while incorporating other ideas that I believe add other desirable  elements.  One design that I have had considerable success
with is a style that opens up the lower bout and forces the top to vibrate in a different way.  It also helps support the areas in front of and
behind the bridge while spreading the energy up toward the upper bout. The sound achieved from this is one that has an expanded tonal
range with exceptionally deep basses while yielding strong and bright trebles. The balance, tone, and color range are excellent. I am excited
about this design and look forward to building more in this style. Here’s a photo of the design.
Bracing not yet totally shaped and tuned
More construction photos-click here
More construction
photos-click here